Super Jumbo Loans

CLS Financial Services Offers Super Jumbo Mortgages
Are you or someone you know having trouble finding lending for your Super Jumbo Loan?  These loans are used to purchase more expensive homes and can sometimes be challenging to find a lender that can help you with the financing.  At CLS Financial Services we offer loans up to $2 Million with very competetive pricing.   
  • Loan amounts to $2 Million up to 80% LTV in select markets
  •  Up to 10 financed properties are allowed on purchase transactions for NOO & 2nd Homes. R/T Refi’s on a case by case basis. (FNMA Direct)
  • DTI ratios follow DU findings - >80% LTV max 41% DTI
  • Home recently listed OK on R/T refinances of primary residences, on cash out not to exceed 70% LTV (FNMA Direct and Series G Conforming)
  • High Balance goes to 90% LTV and $625,500 with 720 FICO
  •  Allows you to order your own appraisal
  • Seller carry backs & private party 2nds OK with owner occupied 1 unit and a 740 FICO
  • Employer provided 2nds allowed
  • Payoff both revolving and installment debt to qualify 
  • Non-purchase money 2nd counted as rate and term after 12 months 
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